Sound City is calling on you, the music industry, to Pay It Forward. Come together and use your position to trigger positive change by supporting the vital next generation of young creatives and aspiring professionals. By adding a small additional fee when purchasing Sound City Conference tickets, businesses and industry professionals will be able to offer disadvantaged young people from the North-West the chance to attend the Sound City conference; talented young creatives with a big contribution to make who otherwise may miss out.

The music industry is kept alive by industry leaders paving the way for the next wave, sharing knowledge and holding the door open for young people, regardless of their backgrounds so they can achieve their full potential, and keep the creative industry thriving. The industry needs its leaders to step up to help shape a positive future and keep the creative world diverse, innovative and thriving. Imagine if someone had done it for you.

See below for the companies who have already pledged their support to allow for young people in the North West to attend the Sound City Conference 2023. If you are a young person interested in receiving one of the donated Pay It Forward tickets, register your interest below!