International A&R: Exporting Music Globally

Friday 28th April
11:00 - 11:45

A&R has always been at the core of the music industry, acting as the gateway between emerging artists and major label deals. However, with over one hundred thousand new songs now being added to streaming platforms every day it's now harder than ever to break through the noise and get noticed by an A&R. Furthermore, as the world of A&R adapts to the ever-changing music landscape, different territories are finding alternative methods for sourcing their next big artist. In this panel we will be welcoming leading industry figures in the world of A&R from key territories including Ireland, Canada and Norway to discuss the international A&R industry and how emerging artists can grow their global audience.

Kingsley Swim - Black Market Framework
Maria Bringsjord - MTG Music
Maya Cullen Petrovic - Jawdropper
Alex Edwards - Modern Sky / Nice Swan