In-Conversation with Jamie Webster

Friday 28th April
14:00 - 14:45

Writing music with meaning, ‘people’s poet’ Jamie Webster has built a movement around songcraft that distils struggle, finds hope and the tugs at the ties that bind. Singing for the downtrodden, dispossessed and ill-advised with fists-aloft, smile-wide songs that invite, if not demand the release of communal celebration, Webster’s story has a cast of thousands. Rooted in Liverpool, yet finding the same faces with different accents singing every word back at him, from London to Glasgow, Manchester to Belfast, every moment of Webster’s success is shared. Scoring a UK Official Albums Chart Top Ten and UK Official Folk Chart Number One with his debut album, We Get By, Webster is held up by the enthusiasm of people just like him: those who simply love music and see the cracks in people’s troubles that serve to let the light in. His 2022 album, Moments, got to number 3 in the UK Official Charts, helping him sell out his UK tour, ending with an unforgettable hometown show at the M&S Bank Arena. Join us for an in-conversation with Jamie as he discusses his musical journey, his connections to the city and how aspiring creatives can make a name for themselves whatever their obstacles.

Jamie Webster
Mo Ayoub