Help! I Need Somebody: Exploring Mental Health and Accessibility in the Music Industry

Friday 28th April
11:00 - 11:45

It is no secret that poor mental health is present throughout the music industry, with 73% independent musicians reporting that they struggle with mental illness. With additional barriers surrounding accessibility, the music world looks like an uninviting and outdated environment. In this conversation we welcome voices from Nordoff and Robbins, Help Musicians, Brighter Sound, The Unicorn Mothership and artist Levina to open the conversation on mental health and accessibility in the music industry, identifying where we are falling behind. We will discuss what is being done to improve the industry for musicians and look at those creating a catalyst for much needed change in the way mental health and accessibility is discussed, viewed and improved.

Louis Gregg - Nordoff & Robbins
Joe Hastings - Help Musicians
Kate Lowes - Brighter Sound
Eline Van Audenaerde - The Unicorn Mothership